Baby Brain

May 31st, 2011

I'm 38,000 feet over Albuquerque, New Mexico, when the newborn in 8B begins crying. I can hear it all -- including the woman behind me whining and sighing to her husband -- despite my noise canceling headphones.

A baby's shriek is a difficult sound, to be sure. Still, all I can think is, 'Lighten up lady; you were a baby once too.'

Shriek or not, the sight (and sound) of a baby is enough to tear at my heartstrings.

I left Maggie and Abbi at 7:06 am. I won't return until roughly the same time next Tuesday, June 7th -- Maggie's first ...

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For Maggie, In Her Sixth Month

December 7th, 2010

Dear Maggie,

You were born six months ago today. It was a humid June afternoon when your mother and I walked from our East 71st Street apartment to New York Presbyterian Hospital. You were breach and -- despite our best efforts in those final weeks -- refused to turn. You were delivered via c-section June 7th just before six o'clock.

I'll never forget the first time I saw you, and how massively and suddenly you changed my life. You were bright pink and screaming, struggling against the rubber gloves and bright lights. Before I could ...

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Top Seven “Forever Young” Benefit Show Moments

October 6th, 2010

This weekend's two "Forever Young" Benefit CD Release Shows were something special. We performed two: one for kids, and one for folks who like booze. Both were outstanding, and filled with inspiring, outrageous, and silly moments. Here are my top seven:

7 - Fundraising Is Fun We raised nearly $1000 for children's media research and advocacy in 24 hours. But we can do better. Download your copy of "Forever Young" on iTunes now!

6 - We Are Stardust Man, how lucky am I? A couple of emails and a handful of bona fide New York City's rock ...

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Rock ‘N Roll Coochie Coo

August 14th, 2010

Thank goodness, my week of rock 'n roll bachelorhood finally came to an end.

Abbi, Maggie and I were in Wilmington, DE, last weekend for The Keller's 40th anniversary. I had to get back to NYC for MTV's TJ Search Finale on Sunday. So it seemed like a perfect, logical solution. Abbi could relax with her family, and I could finish my forthcoming benefit CD, "Forever Young."

Jeff Jacobson ran my studio (aka Maggie's nursery) through. Our cover of James Taylor's "Sweet Baby James" is a melancholy, lullaby version of the tune. He laid down ...

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The Velvet Hammer

July 28th, 2010

Finally, I get to be the hero for once.

For two weeks running, Maggie and I had it made. I'd wake her softly at the crack of dawn, bottle feed her, then take a long, slow stroll around the neighborhood until she slipped off to sleep. Everybody won: Abbi slept, Maggie ate, and I gained QT with baby and bonus points with mommy.

For nearly two weeks now, though, she's refused the bottle. Our mornings are now a protracted battle that invariably ends in tears, frustration, and a solemn handover to Abbi. It's a heartbreaking exchange, one ...

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Maggie At Ten (Days)

June 16th, 2010

Maggie slept through her one week birthday (the nerve!), so I decided to celebrate ten days; seemed like a good round number. Anyway, these first few days of Maggie's life have disabused me of measurements; seconds, minutes, hours all seem to stretch and bend in this haze of feed, burp, change, repeat.

And so tonight, I made Maggie's favorite dinner, tacos, guacamole and red velvet cupcakes (ok, not really), and celebrated with my girls. As I slaved in the kitchen (ha ha), I reflected on how much I've learned in the past ten days. Take ...

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Meeting Maggie

June 13th, 2010

The East River isn't really a river at all, but a tidal strait between Manhattan and Long Island that, because of tides, appears to flow like one.

New York Presbyterian Hospital soars like a great, white sail over the East River. This great, granite sheet spans several blocks of Midtown East, swallowing the FDR highway whole. Looking southeast, the river below races just below, fast past Roosevelt Island and the Queensboro Bridge beyond. From inside, it's as if one is floating above the city itself, rolling along in the waves, to and fro ...

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How To Change The World

May 26th, 2010

If, as my former bandmate, once sang "World's change in the belly of an insect," then universes transform in a matter of years.

Little wonder, then, that I should comment to Abbi this weekend that I can't remember a period of transformation as radical as the last five years.

Five years ago, I was an Executive Producer. I lived on the Upper West Side. I played rock shows on the regular, smoked, drank, caroused, and regularly hailed cabs as dawn broke. Five years ago, I was single. Don't take my word for it, though; the archives ...

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Building A Mystery

May 16th, 2010

For a second there, the juxtaposition of my ragged, fourteen-foot UHaul barrelling up the well-coiffed upper reaches of Park Avenue was kind of awesome. Traffic was light. The gas pedal was heavy. Midtown was in the rear-view. And there was funk on the radio.

What's more, my heart was full of freshly-minted confidence. Overnight, I'd transformed our box-strewn, bare-windowed second bedroom into something pretty closely resembling a nursery. In some six hours of construction, I'd assembled a crib and dresser, hung a pair of blinds, and ...

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To Do (Or, The New Normal)

April 20th, 2010

Suffice to say that the twelve miles I ran from the base of the Manhattan Bridge to and twice-around Prospect Park was the easy part.

It dawned on me deep within the fluorescent-lit walls of Ikea just a few hours later to Tweet, "I am in hell." But I thought better of it on account of Abbi's feelings. This was, after all, a crucial shopping trip. Our goal was singular an clear: furnish the baby's room. And, maybe, get a little something for the kitchen.

In fact, the Ikea in Red Hook has its advantages, like its proximity to Park ...

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