Gateways To Science

September 30th, 2009

My writing and photography has garnered a fair dose of newspaper column inches, a few magazine and website articles and, well, more than 3000 of my own blog posts, but not much by way of good, old-fashion, hard-cover books.

In 2004, my pal Ron Lieber hooked me up with some expat pals of his, Mike Ogden and Chris Day, who were compiling a collection of inspirational essays called "2Do Before I Die". They helped me edit my original, somewhat rambling remembrance of Mister Rogers, "Mister Rogers & Me," into the version you read today (and the ...

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Nantucket, Massachusetts (Summer 2009)

August 29th, 2009

The Delicate Art Of Doing Nothing At All

August 25th, 2009

I'm sure there are many things to do on Nantucket Island.

There are galleries, shops and restaurants on the wharf.

There's a Nantucket Whaling Museum, Lifesaving Museum, Atheneum, Observatory and Aquarium.

The place is rife with historical destinations: Brant Point Lighthouse, Henry Coffin House, and the First Congregational Church (to name just a few).

To say nothing of the dozens of difficult-to-pronounce beaches: Cisco, Siasconset, Quidnet, Polpis, Wauwinet, Squam.

Left to my own devices, though, I tend to do very ...

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On Two Eternities

August 23rd, 2009

Time is a funny thing.

This afternoon, Abbi and pointed the rental car east on Madaket Road towards town for all our favorite Nantucket things (Cape Cod Salt & Vinegar Chips, Whale's Tale Pale Ale, Bartlett Farm's Blueberry Pie). Nearing our turn near the old cemetery on on Milk Road, I said to her, "I know in my head that a year has passed, but I feel like I never left."

The scenery is unchanged. There are no traffic lights, no strip malls or fast food joints. My muscle memory guides me here. I am on autopilot, gliding over the ...

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Nantucket, Massachusetts (Summer 2008)

August 16th, 2008

The Miracle Of Showing Up

August 15th, 2008

We rarely do much of anything in Nantucket, and I like it that way.

A typical day might involve a good run, a real breakfast (eggs, pancakes, etc), a trip to the beach, magazines, books, puzzles, and the ever-essential mid-day nap.

We rarely leave our little corner of the island save for trip to Cisco Brewers (for pints of Whale's Tale Pale Ale), Bartlett Farms (for fresh corn, tomatoes, and blueberry pie), and 167 (aka East Coast Seafood, for whatever Bill's caught that day).

Whatever we do, and wherever we go, the one constant is ...

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Lightning In A Bottle

August 14th, 2008

If life is a collection of moments, all strung together and played back in contrast and context to one another, then the defining moment from last summer's trip to Nantucket was that of a lone cottage against a wide, evening sky.

The photo was taken from a narrow, wooden bridge on the western edge of Madaket's Hither Creek. The shutter of my Canon Rebel XT's lens was flung wide to capture dusk's fleeting light. The sky was clear. The water was still. And while the clapboard house, framed by open water and empty sky, was splendid in its ...

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ACK ’08

August 6th, 2008

Over the years, I've invested a lot in the restorative powers of Nantucket.

For me, for better or worse, true or false, the island has provided significant counterpoint to this island.

Still, the place was something of an acquired taste.

I first visited Nantucket just a few months after moving to Manhattan. I was living with my brother, surviving on hot dogs and generic Tang paid for by the $5/hour I was earning keeping the Men's Journal equipment closet.

My mother, perhaps sensing a post-collegiate slump, invited me to crash on ...

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Given To Fly

January 28th, 2008

There are three major flight paths outside my window: Newark, LaGuardia, and JFK. With the frequent buzz of tourist helicopters and Hudson River air traffic, the skies above me are constantly crowded with jet engines, propellers, and blinking red lights.

It's an apt metaphor for New York City, really. Or, for that matter, my brain.

Friday night, though, found Chris and I wandering an empty Nantucket wharf. The water was still. The Steamship Authority's klieg lights illuminated empty docks. Slips were barren. Cottages were vacant. ...

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Nantucket, Massachusetts (Winter 2008)

January 27th, 2008