Fever To Tell

November 28th, 2005

My grandmother can die now. I mean, not that I'd want her to, but... well, you know.

I just did an interview with Kelsey Holm of The Waterloo Courier. I talked her ear off for damn near an hour. Despite the countless interviews I've conducted, or the few I've been the subject of, I still rambled. God only knows what I said.

Regardless, the result -- photo and all -- will appear in print some time between now and Saturday's Waterloo show.

For years, my grandmother has sent me clippings from The Courier, and The Des Moines


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“Almost Home” Indianapolis Hootenanny

December 6th, 2003

I'm in Indianapolis. I'm on again in an hour. Fortunately, I slept in today.

Somehow I've managed to miss this huge storm system that has the Northeast digging out. Yesterday's drive from Wittenberg to Cincinnati was a piece a' cake, despite the frozen rain and rush hour traffic. Two hours in the car is nothing in the face of 8-10.

So I made it Gil's around 6pm. He and his wife Stephanie were prepping for what appeared to be a fairly adult party: you know, hours d'ourves and such. I got the grand tour -- they have an amazing,


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“Almost Home” Hits Wittenberg U.

December 5th, 2003

I am watching CNN with the ladies of 470 Woodlawn. I'm on the campus of Wittenberg University. It's drizzling outside. We're all in sweats. We're all hung over from last night's livingroom show.

I got in around 4 yesterday, really thrashed from the 500 mile commute (through sniper alley). Heather and I immediately headed over to WUSO-FM, where her friend Mike was DJing. He spun a few songs from Almost Home, and I talked his ear off, plugging benjaminwagner.com and inviting people to call in for directions to the living room party.


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“Almost Home” In Harrisburg, PA

December 4th, 2003

I'm sitting in Econo Lodge room #219 somewhere west of Harrisburg, PA. It's wicked late. And I'm completely thrashed. Which sucks, 'cuz there's so much I wanted to tell you...

Like how just moments onto I-78, staring down the barrel of my second 1200+ mile road trip in as many weeks, I thought to myself, "What the fuck are you doing?"

Like how lame my silver rent-a-Taurus is. (You have seen "Flirting With Disaster," right?) Like how everything slipped into slow-motion on the highway, and I passed over the silver reflectors like a


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New York “Livingroom Tour” Report

November 20th, 2003

The 2003 Benjamin Wagner Livingroom Tour has begun. I will be the Johnny Appleseed of acoustic pop, rockin' the folk from coast to coast. As long as I end up back here, back home with you.

If last night is any indication, I'm in for three weeks of mad fun, followed by three weeks of massive hangover.

I was late getting home from work -- damn you Michael Jackson! The fact that I managed to leave work on the evening of one of our biggest stories of all time is kinda' miraculous. I basically pledged to be available at a moment's notice ...

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Raleigh/Durham “Summer’s Gone” Tour Report

September 27th, 2002

Breakfast at the La Quinta Inn: Raisin Bran and Mello Yello. I looked down at USA Today just now and thought, "What day is it? Where am I?" Ooooh, right. Raleigh/Durham. North Carolina. Friday morning. Ok, allgood. Everything in it's right place.

This time yesterday morning, everything looked pretty bleak. I was exhausted. My brother dropped off the tour. I had a 450 mile drive down I-95. And it began raining. But I had a show to do, so I pointed the Escape south around 10:30, and got to it. The interstate was obviously lame and ugly and ...

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Philadelphia “Summer’s Gone” Tour Report

September 26th, 2002

I'm sitting in my mother's kitchen eating a bowl of tuna fish and a fistful of tortilla chips. So rocknroll. Jut in from The Point show afterparty, which was at the Wayne Pub (where half the patrons were alumni of my high school). Weird.

Anyway, tonight's show was, as Bono would say, some sort of a homecoming. My junior high school music teacher, Mrs. Culp, was there. She tought me how to harmonize in seventh grade. My high school choir director, Mr. Vanderslice, was there. He put up with all sorts of punkish behavior. My 10th grade English ...

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